It is with great sadness that we report the death of two Toledo Firefighters.

Private Stephen A. Machcinski, 42 years of age, with approximately 16 years of service, and Private James A. Dickman, 31 years of age, with approximately six months of service, died yesterday during structural firefighting operations. 

Both Privates Machcinski and Dickman were assigned to Engine 3, and were responding to a structure fire at 528 Magnolia Street in North Toledo. In the course of their duties during firefighting operations, both firefighters suffered serious injuries. In a valiant rescue effort by their comrades, they were pulled from the structure and immediately given medical care by their fellow firefighters. Both firefighters were transported to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center where life saving efforts continured until they succumbed to their injuries.

As dictated by Fire Department policy, a formal and detailed investigation will occur to determine the cause of the fire as well as the cause and manner of the deaths of Private Machcinski and Private Dickman.

Privates Machcinski and Dickman become the 48th and 49th Toledo Firefighters to die in the line of duty in the 177 year history of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.

May they rest in peace.

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