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We Remember Private Stephen A. Machcinski and Private James A. Dickman

About Our Fallen Heroes

Our community mourns the loss of two brave Toledo firefighters. On January 26, 2014, Private Stephen A. Machcinski and Private James A. Dickman died during structural firefighting operations. Both men were assigned to Engine 3, and suffered serious injuries while responding to a structure fire at 528 Magnolia Street in North Toledo. Rescued from the structure by their comrades, they were transported to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center where they succumbed to their injuries.


Private Stephen A. Machcinski

Private Stephen A. Machcinski, 42, was appointed March 20, 1998, and had served approximately 16 years. Private Machcinski proudly wore Badge Number 80. He was a graduate of Whitmer High School and Owens Community College, where he received his degree in Fire Science.

After graduating from the Toledo Fire & Rescue Academy, Private Machcinski was assigned to Engine 13 in the Birmingham Neighborhood on “C” Platoon. He spent most of his time serving in that neighborhood until he transferred to Engine 3 in North Toledo, still assigned to “C” Platoon.

While stationed at Engine 13, Machcinski was recognized with a plaque on the Toledo Fire & Rescue Tree for his actions rescuing a resident during a fire in 2001.

Private Machcinski lived in the same neighborhood in which he was raised.

He is survived by his parents, Ken and Sharon; brother Rick and his wife Terri; by his sister Beth and her husband Chris Hoye; his niece, Grace and nephew Brandon.


Private James A. Dickman

Private James A. Dickman was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 3, 2013. He was assigned Badge Number 50. Assigned to Engine 3 in North Toledo on “C” Platoon, Private Dickman was scheduled to graduate from the Toledo Fire & Rescue Academy on February 7 of this year.

Jamie often said that his love was his family, God, music and being a firefighter. Friends recalled that Private Dickman had a lifelong dream of being a firefighter. Jamie not only realized his dream, but also excelled as a firefighter. He had served the Perkins Township Fire Department for 10 years before joining the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.

Private Dickman is survived by his wife Jamie, whom he married on October 25, 2003; three-year old daughter, Paige, and one-month son, Grant; his parents, Greg and Linda Dickman; sisters, Olivia Cheney and Caitlin Dickman; maternal grandmother, Estle Williams; his wife’s parents, Ray and Dolly Young; his wife’s siblings, Joshua (Trista) and Jason (Kira) Young and Julie (Jon) Torrence; eleven nieces and nephews; numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.