About the Training Bureau

The Training Bureau is responsible for conducting training for members from the time they are hired until they retire. We are charged with ongoing training as required by the Department as well as training in new equipment or operations that are introduced.


Recruit Training

The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department Training Bureau is a State of Ohio chartered Fire Fighter II and accredited Emergency Medical Technician Training Facility. New recruits are required to successfully complete the 260 hour Fire Fighter II.


Continuing Education

The State of Ohio requires all certified Firefighter/E.M.T.’s to complete a total of 124 hours of continuing education every three years in order to rectify their license.

In 2012 The Training Academy provided online continuing education for E.M.T.’s in the amount of 16 hours per firefighter. Online continuing education for fire topics, 11 hours per firefighter was provided.


Field Officer Training Program

The Field Officer Training Program is based, in part, on our department’s mission to protect our community from emergencies by providing highly trained and skilled members to respond to incidents. The program is designed to identify personnel and place them in situations to mentor all members of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department, from the new recruit to the seasoned veteral=n. A Field Training Officer is a line firefighter who is trained and ready to assist with various training needs of line personnel. Field Training Officers provide support, learning experiences and practical instruction in both fire and E.M.S. topics.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)

The Training Bureau is an American Heart Association Chartered Training Center. In 2012, the Training Bureau conducted/assisted in providing C.P.R. renewal course for all Toledo Fire & Rescue members, C.P.R. Heart Saver First Aid for 80 Toledo Police Academy Recruits and Heart Saver renewal for 14 City of Toledo Forestry & Parks employees, and 8 Water Reclamation employees. The Training Academy facilitated the training of 804 civilian.


Paramedic Education Program

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department requires all new recruits to obtain E.M.T. – Paramedic Certification within two years of graduation from the Training Bureau.

The Training Bureau, under the Accreditation/Certification of the University of Toledo Medical Center, developed and delivered both the prerequisite course, Anatomy & Physiology, and the Paramedic Education Course for 24 members in 2012. Projected completion date fro the course is May 2013. (Both of these courses are college level courses.)


V.E.S. (Vent-Enter-Search)

V.E.S. is when firefighters either create openings, or break windows to gain access from an exterior position to carry out a primary, targeted, area-limited search in a high-risk area of a fire building. This program was developed and initiated by the Training Bureau in June of 2012. This course includes both classroom instruction and lifelike scenario application.


Clinical Ride Time Scheduling

We have agreements with regional colleges, hospitals and adult educations centers to assist in the clinical requirements for their E.M.T. – Basic, and E.M.T. – Paramedic students, hospital emergency room nurses, medical residents and doctors to experience ride time on Toledo Fire & Rescue apparatus. With our line personnel functioning as preceptors, ride time is scheduled for the Lucas County Life Squads and Toledo Fire & Rescue Transport Units. In 2012, 678 ride times were scheduled on Life Squads.


Regional Relationships

The Training Bureau develops partnerships with area private industries and maintains relationships with surrounding departments. We open our doors to these entities to make our Airport Highway Training Facility available for various uses and training scenarios.

Training Bureau Staff



 MarquardtAssistant Chief Marquardt was appointed to Toledo Fire & Rescue Department in 1996, and, spent most of her career at Station 16.

Assistant Chief Marquardt was promoted to Lieutenant in 2007, then to Captain in 2009. April 1, 2011, she was promoted to Battalion Chief. She was promoted to Deputy/Assistant Chief on May 23, 2014.

Assistant Chief Marquardt helped negotiate 3 collective bargaining agreements, two with Toledo Firefighters Local 92, and one with Toledo Fire Chiefs Association. Assistant Chief Marquardt has also served for nine years on the Toledo Firefighters Health & Welfare Board of Trustees, serving as chairperson for six of those years. During her career Assistant Chief Marquardt has also worked in the Bureau of Professional Standards, and the Training Academy.

Assistant Chief Marquardt is a certified Fire Instructor for the State of Ohio, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Ohio State University.

Assistant Chief Marquardt is currently serving as Assistant Chief , prior to this assignment she of the Battalion Chief of the Bureau of Professional Standards.




Battalion Chief Sally Glombowski  was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department in 1989. On November 11, 1994 she was promoted to Lieutenant, then to Captain in August of 2007.  On July 15, 2011 Chief Glombowski was promoted to Battalion Chief.  She is a Certified Fire Instructor and has served as an adjunct instructor for O.C.C., B.G.S.U. State Fire School, and the State Fire School in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

She currently serves as the Battalion Chief of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Training Bureau.





 Acting Captain John Rodriguez was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on October 3, 1997.  On March 31, 2000, he received his E.M.T.-Paramedic certification, and on June 26, 2015 he was promoted to Lieutenant. He currently serves as the Acting Captain for the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department Training Bureau. Acting Captain Rodriguez is a certified State Fire Instructor for the State of Ohio.






Leiutenant Pat Murphy was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on December 15, 1995.  He was promoted to Lieutenant on May 18, 2017. He currently serves as training officer for the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department Training Bureau. Leiutenant Murphy is a certified State Fire Instructor for the State of Ohio.








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