Allison Armstrong

Fire Chief

Fire Chief Allison Armstrong was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on July 21, 2000. Her promotion to Lieutenant came in 2010, to Captain in 2011, and to Battalion Chief on September 27, 2019. Chief Armstrong earned her E.M.T.-Paramedic Certification in May of 2008. She holds a Associates in Nursing from Owens Community College, a Bachelor of Nursing from Mercy College and a Master of Health Informatics from University of Cincinnati. She is also a State of Ohio Certified Fire Safety Inspector. State of Ohio Fire Instructor including NFPA 1403 Live Fire Instructor. Chief Armstrong is also a member of the federally deployable Ohio-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team based out of Toledo, Ohio, which provides medical treatment to those affected by disasters. Chief Armstrong has served at many levels within our department including house Captain at 25A and 17A. She most recently served as the Battalion Chief of the EMS Bureau.

John Kaminski

Assistant Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief John Kaminski was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on July 11, 1997. He was promoted to Lieutenant on June 11, 2007 and promotion to Captain came on July 9, 2010. Promotion to Battalion Chief was on March 15, 2013 and Deputy Chief on May 27, 2016. Chief Kaminski was promoted to the Assistant Chief on November 2, 2018. During his career he has been assigned to Stations 7 and 17, as well as assignments as the Wheel Officer, Staff Safety Officer, and Captain of the Bureau of Professional Standards. Assistant Chief Kaminski earned an Associates Degree in Business Management from Owens Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration from Bowling Green State University. In 2017, Chief Kaminski completed his master’s degree in Emergency Management/Homeland Security from Arizona State University. Assistant Chief Kaminski is currently responsible for Homeland Security/Special Operations, Emergency Preparedness, Grants, Fire Investigation Unit, and the Professional Standards Bureau.

Richard Syroka

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Richard Syroka was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 22, 1989. He was promoted to Lieutenant on August 18, 2000, and to Captain on January 31, 2010. On December 27, 2011 he was promoted to Battalion Chief, and on March 21, 2014, he was promoted to Deputy Chief and assigned the responsibility of the Operations Bureau. He began his career assigned to Fire Station 7 where he was trained as a Hazardous Materials Technician as well as in Confined Space Rescue. He was a Lieutenant at Station 16 and a Lieutenant in the Communications and Operations Bureaus. As a captain he was assigned to Fire Prevention and Operations. In 1994 Deputy Chief Syroka was awarded the Ohio Fire Service Valor Award. Chief Syroka served on Local 92’s Executive Board, on the negotiating team, as its Sergeant At Arms, and on its Charities Committees. He was also honored as the recipient of the John H. Brancheau Community Service Award. Chief Syroka has completed numerous courses at the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University and Owens Community College in Fire Administration. Currently he is the Deputy Chief of the Operations, Building Maintenance Bureau, and Fleet Maintenance Bureau.

Tim Clapp

Deputy Chief

Following his father’s footsteps, Deputy Chief Clapp was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on July 16, 1993. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1999, Captain in 2007, Battalion Chief in 2013, and to Deputy Chief on March 7, 2022 . Deputy Chief Clapp is a Hazardous Materials Technician and is also trained in Confined Space/Trench Rescue and High Angle Rescue. During his career he has worked at stations 9, 19, 21, house Captain of station 17, and Senior Battalion Chief assigned to “B” Platoon. Chief Clapp is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, EMS Bureau, and Health & Wellness.

Daniel Brown-Martinez

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Daniel Brown-Martinez was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on July 20, 2001. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2011, Captain in 2014, Battalion Chief in 2019, and to Deputy Chief on March 7, 2022. Deputy Chief Brown-Martinez holds an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Owens Community College, Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Studies with a Focus in Management graduating Summa Cum Laude from Siena Heights University and is currently pursuing a Master of Organizational Leadership from Siena Heights University. He is a hazmat technician and has been certified as a paramedic since April 2003. Chief Brown-Martinez is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief over Training, EAP, Communications, Recruitment, Public Education, and the Community Engagement Bureau.

Ted Sheares

Executive Finance Administrator

Captain Ted Sheares was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on March 31, 2000. He was promoted to Lieutenant September 2011 and to Captain in 2014. Captain Sheares holds a Associates in Law Enforcement Technologies from the University of Toledo and a Bachelors of Applied Science from Siena Heights University with a Major in Public Safety Studies and a Minor in Health Care Management. He is a State of Ohio certified hazmat technician and fire instructor. Captain Sheares most recently served as house Captain at Station 4 on C-shift. He currently serves the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department as the Executive Finance Administrator.