About The Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for ensuring Toledo residents and businesses are safe through professional and consistent enforcement of the adopted Building and Fire Codes. The Bureau provides services that are aimed at preventing the loss of life and property. These services include

  • Fire Safety Inspections
  • Fire and Life Safety Education
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Fire Protection Construction Document Review
  • Public Information Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Chief of Fire Prevention, we are staffed with 7 fire inspectors, 2 plan examiners, 1 pre-plan officer, 2 public education officer, 1 officer responsible for National and State Incident Reporting and administrative staff responsible for compliance with FOIA requests.

Our goal is to mitigate risk and to keep fires from occurring in the first place!

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Property and Fire reports can be requested using the attached FOIA Request Form. Property reports include Fire Safety Inspection, SERC / TIER II, and BUSTR. Fire reports include Building, Vehicle, HazMat, and Other (non-medical emergency response). You may e-mail, fax or bring this FOIA request form in person to One Government Center to pick up your report. To send your e-mail request, use: fpbdocrequest@toledo.oh.gov

Note: An ID is required to get into One Government Center. If planning to pick up report in person, please call ahead.

Fire Inspection

The inspectors have many duties. They are charged with performing required rough installation inspections to approved construction drawings and witnessing final system acceptance testing. Final occupancy inspections are performed before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Chief Building Official. They also observe underground fire service main and private fire hydrant installations. For information about what our inspectors will look for, at a minimum, see the helpful lists below.

Fire Sprinkler Rough Inspection

Fire Sprinkler Final Inspection

Fire Alarm Detection Rough Inspection

Fire Alarm Detection Final Inspection

Final Occupancy Inspection

UG Fire Service Mains – Visual Inspection

UG Fire Service Mains – Hydro Test

UG Fire Service Mains – Flush

The inspectors will verify that contractors and installers have complied with all licensing and registration requirements. All fire protection contractors and installers are required to be licensed through the State Fire Marshals Office and registered in the City of Toledo. If you need to register or renew as a Fire Protection Contractor with the City, application forms are available here for your convenience.

New Contractor Registration Form

City of Toledo Tax Compliance Application

Contractor License Application Renewal

State Fire Marshal Documents:

OFC Chapter 916 – Contractor Registration

State of Ohio – Fire Company Application

State of Ohio – Individual Installer Application

Please contact the Building Inspection Department at 419-245-1220 to register or with questions or concerns about contractor registration.

Our inspectors accommodate request for fire safety inspections, required for licensing by other agencies, such as day care facilities, foster child homes and mental health and addiction facilities. In addition, over 3,000 general fire safety inspections are performed each year. To schedule an inspection, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-245-1140.

Fire Investigation Unit

The Fire Investigation Unit is charged with the responsibility to investigate the origin, cause, and circumstances of undetermined, incendiary, suspicious fire, bombings, and bomb threats, along with all fires where serious injury or death related to fire occur, and share in the responsibility of the issuance of permits and safety of pyrotechnic displays, in accordance with the laws of the City of Toledo and the State of Ohio.

To report a suspected arson in Toledo, please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 419-255-1111, or click on this link, “Report Arson“.  rewards are often paid for information leading to the identification and successful prosecution of persons perpetrating the crime of arson. These rewards are paid through the CRIMESTOPPERS Program . Information can lead to rewards of up to $5,000.00.

Plan Review

Before fire protection systems are installed, enlarged or altered in any way, plans and system specifications shall be reviewed to the Code by the Fire Prevention Bureau’s plan examiners. Fire alarm and detection, fire sprinkler, standpipe systems, fire pumps, commercial kitchen hood fire suppression and clean agent fire suppression systems are reviewed, and comment is provided to the Chief Building Official regarding compliance with the applicable codes and standards. Plans can be submitted to the Department of Inspection in person between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00pm or by mail to the Department of Building Inspection, One Government Center, Suite 1600, Toledo OH 43604 Attention: Lynn Thompson. A Plan Review Application is required with your submittal. Sprinkler system designers submitting plans to protect facilities containing storage of products must include an Owners Information Certificate with the plans submitted for review. Our schedule for fees associated with construction plan approval is included HERE for your reference. Proposed underground fire service mains and private fire hydrants are reviewed in cooperation with our water department.

In addition to the above plans, review for compliance with the Ohio Fire Code and plan approval is required for Above Ground Bulk Flammable or Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks, Installation/ Storage or Use of Compressed Gasses, Installation/ Storage or Use of Flammable or Combustible Liquids or Gasses, Storage or Use of Cryogenic Fluids, Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems, and requests to install Gates or Barricades across fire access roads. An application for review of these special construction plans is required along with a “Description of Project” and other basic information.

In addition to the above plans, proposed underground fire service mains, private fire hydrants, above ground flammable or combustible storage tanks and special use permits, to name a few, are also reviewed for compliance with the Ohio Fire Code by the plan examiners.

For questions or assistance with our plan review process, you may call 419-245-1263 or e-mail one of our examiners Rex Butler rex.butler@toledo.oh.gov or Michael Froelich michael.froelich@toledo.oh.gov

@toledo.oh.gov NOTE: Underground Flammable and Combustible Storage Tanks installations are not reviewed in our office. These plans are submitted to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for approval and permit. Required inspections are also provided thru their office. For information go to www.com.ohio.gov/fire/ or call   614-752-7938.

Are you required to install a Fire Department Key Box, commonly referred to as a Knox Box? They can be ordered online. Visit www.knoxbox.com and follow the directions.

As part of its commitment to enhancing public safety, NFPA makes its codes and standards available online to the public for free. Go to NFPA Free Access link HERE to utilize this valuable resource.

Other helpful links:

Ohio Board of Building Standards

Department of Building Inspection

Water Flow Testing

State of Ohio Fire Marshal Email: websfm@com.state.oh.us

Tent | Membrane Structures (IGLOOS)

Ohio Fire Code (OFC) 105.7.18 requires a plan approval and a construction permit for the erection of temporary tents larger than 400sqft. The plan submittal must include a detailed site plan showing the location of the tent and dimensions showing separation distances buildings, lot lines, other tents or parked cars. OFC 3103.8.2. A floor plan indicating details of the means of egress components, seating arrangement, and other equipment within the tent (such as stages, serving tables and bars or other furnishings) must be provided. All requirements of the Code regarding placements of generators for power, heating equipment and cooking appliances must be considered. The full text of OFC Rule 31- Tents and Other Membrane Structures is included below for reference. As with all construction plans, an application for plan approval is required with the submission. -Tent Permit Application-  -Tent Permit Application- Completed documents can be submitted, via email, to tfrdtent@toledo.oh.gov or in person at the Department of Building Inspection Suite 1600, One Government Center, Toledo OH 43604.

For questions or concerns regarding the use of tents in the City or the permit application process, please call the Department of Building Inspection at 419-245-1220 or the Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-245-1140.

Helpful information:

Tent Permit Reference Information

OFC Rule 31

TFRD Policy for Separation Distances between Tents and Buildings

Graphic – Tent Separation Distance Guide

TFRD Policy for Cooking Tents and Canopies

Membrane Structures (IGLOOS)


Mobile Food Units

MOBILE FOOD UNIT – Any apparatus or equipment that is used to cook, prepare or serve food, and that routinely changes or can change location and is operated from a moveable vehicle or apparatus, including but not limited to motorized vehicles, trailers, and hand propelled carts.

If you operate a mobile food unit in the State of Ohio, new requirements in the 2017 Ohio Fire Code apply to you.  If you are a vendor in the City of Toledo, an annual inspection will be required to meet the intent of this new section in the Code.  These inspections will begin March 1, 2020 at 3917 Imlay St, Toledo, OH 43612 and will be conducted as follows:

The Mobile Food Units with LP-Gas must be inspected by a licensed bonded professional in accordance with NFPA, DOT, OFC standards.  Documentation must be acquired from the licensed bonded professional for presentation to the fire safety inspector.  Inspection times will be available to meet with the Toledo Fire Safety Inspector to complete the fire safety inspection and obtain a window sticker for your mobile food unit. To schedule your inspection contact the Toledo Fire & Rescue Fire Prevention Bureau at 419-245-1140.

Click the links below to access the Mobile Food Unit Helpful Information, Ohio Fire Code – Section 320 Mobile Food Units / Mobile Food Unit Inspection Form, and Propane Pressure Leak Test Certification documents.  Use the NFPA Fact Sheet as a guide for the safe operation of your truck.

Mobile Food Application

Mobile Food Unit Helpful Information

Ohio Fire Code – Section 320 – Mobile Food Unit & Checklist

Propane Pressure Leak Test Certification

NFPA Food Truck Fact Sheet

Public Education

The Public Education Unit informs the public on the importance of fire safety. A total of over 50,000 people are educated on fire safety each year. This number includes Toledo area students from grades 1st through 6th, members of several senior citizen groups, businesses, fire safety in the work place programs, PTAs, mothers clubs, scout groups, and many other organizations. For more information regarding educational opportunities contact our Public Educator Gina Shubeta at Gina.Shubeta@toledo.oh.gov.

Click here for: Fire Prevention Lessons from the Ohio Fire Marshal Office


Below are common forms that can assist community groups seeking to promote Fire Safety within their communities.

Smoke Alarm Information Brochure

Internal Use: Smoke Alarm Distribution Form

Fire Escape Plan

Smoke Alarm Brochure

Open Burning Policy

Toledo Municipal Code 1301.11 (Smoke Alarm requirements for dwelling units)


Department Staff

Deputy Chief Tim Clapp  was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on July 16, 1993. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1999, Captain in 2007, Battalion Chief in 2013, and to Deputy Chief on March 7, 2022 . Deputy Chief Clapp is a Hazardous Materials Technician and is also trained in Confined Space/Trench Rescue and High Angle Rescue. During his career he has worked at stations 9, 19, 21, house Captain of station 17, and Senior Battalion Chief assigned to “B” Platoon. Chief Clapp is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, EMS Bureau, and Health & Wellness.



Fire Prevention Bureau

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