• It is the primary goal of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department to reduce citizen risk from fire to the lowest possible level 
  • Reduce the rate of mortality and/or morbidity due to accident, illness, and/or other medical incidents within our community 
  • Develop and retain professional, prepared, and trained members to protect the community and respond to weather-related rescue, hazardous material events, water rescues, and terrorism attacks 
  • Provide services to the community in a cost-effective manner 
  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, and health and safety of the men and women who make up the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department 
  • Ensure capital assets through the Capital Improvement program (C.I.P.) fulfill the needs of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department and the citizens of Toledo 
  • Strengthen and reinforce a positive perception of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department within the community 
  • Embrace diversity 
  • Work on regional cooperation, collaborations, and external relationships 


The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department Strategic Plan, 2014-2018