PromotionsBodyDuring a ceremony in Toledo City council chambers on Friday, March 15, 2013, Chief Luis Santiago will promote 16 members of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.

Promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief: John M. Kaminski, Timothy J. Clapp, Damon J. Williams, and David C. Rodriguez.

Promoted to the rank of Fire Captain: John R. Schnorberger, Matthew Brixey, Ronald E. Magers, Dexter L. Baker, and Douglas J. Palicki.

Promoted to the rank of Fire Lieutenant: Jeffrey A. Schroeder, Kathy L. Zeller, Thomas J. Bartley, Brian Gardner, Stephen G. Rutkowski, Daryl P. Ray, and Kirk P. Keene.

The new officers have their assignments and will begin them immediately. We wish them luck in their new assignments.

*The above photo is from promotions last year.