garage2At 0446 hrs. this morning, Toledo Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched to a garage fire at 232 White Street, in East Toledo. Usually a garage fire doesn’t get much attention, let alone lead the morning news. Unfortunately, this garage fire was different.

This fire spread to neighboring garages, and injured two firefighters, who were checking for fire in the garage next door.

This incident serves as another example how quickly things can change at the scene of a fire, and the dangers involved in fighting what seems to be a routine fire. One firefighter was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital after he fell from approximately seven feet, breaking his leg, while the other was treated and released for a head injury.


The first garage was a total loss, the other two were damaged as the fire extended to them. In the end, four engine companies, one ladder truck, one Life Squad, one Battalion Chief, and a Fire Investigator responded to this early morning incident. Currently, this incident is still under investigation.