In February 2013, Toledo Fire & Rescue Department’s Operations Bureau released run totals for the year 2012.

Total incidents were 55,733, an increase of 1,447. While fire responses were down by 490, structure fires were up 1,212.

Medical emergencies were up 1,937 totaling 48,949 in 2012. 



The busiest month was June, least busiest month was February. The busiest station for 2012 was Station 5 with 10,275 responses. The single busiest unit was Life Squad 1 responding to 4,459 incidents.

Our Rescue Transports tallied 16,430 transports to local hospitals which is an increase of 3%. This total averages 45 transports per day city wide. The busiest transport was Rescue Transport 6 which made 4,352 runs.

Truck 5 was the busiest Truck with 1,434 responses.


Injuries on the fireground saw a decrease of 32%, while injuries related to medical incidents were up by 1, with a total of 66. Exposures accounted for 18 of the injuries during medical incidents, down from 24 the previous year.

352 requests were made for a Fire Investigator in 2012, with 63% of the investigations resulting in a determination of arson, and 16% determined to be accidental.