Recruits1The first tour of duty is a much anticipated event in the life of a firefighter recruit.  For 21 of the 43 recruits from the Fire Class of 2012, Wednesday, March 6, 2013, will be the day that they have waited for.  The weeks of intensive training and testing all come down to that one day, your first assignment.

The 21 recruits that are starting on Wednesday have previously earned their E.M.T. – B, or E.M.T. – Paramedic certifications prior to being hired by Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. 

These recruits join a department that has an authorized strength at 525 personnel, and currently sits at approximately 511 personnel. They will be assigned to one of the 18 fire stations that last year responded to 55,000 plus incidents, and over 16,000 B.L.S. transports to local hospitals via Toledo Fire & Rescue Department ambulances.

These 21 recruits will be joined by the other 22 recruits when they complete their E.M.T. – Basic training, sometime in late April 2013, with their formal graduation set for early May.