Bldg_collapse_FultonThis past Saturday’s torrential rains, high winds and power outages helped to create a busy weekend for T.F.R.D. The three day period from Friday through Sunday saw approximately 571 incidents. Mix in three structure fires and a mutual aid Hazardous Materials incident in Oregon and you’ve got a busy weekend. T.F.R.D. averages approximately 150 incidents per 24-hour tour.

On Saturday alone, our firefighters responded to 243 incidents with over sixty of those related to the weather. Assisting with downed power lines, fallen trees, flooded basements and checking flooded viaducts filled the day and in to the evening. It’s important to remember when you encounter downed power lines, presume that they are energized and potentially lethal. Use caution around downed power lines as they may have electrically charged puddles of water, chain link fences or other conductive sources.

There was also two vacant buildings that spontaneously collapsed due apparently to the heavy rains and wind. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in either collapse.

It’s times like Saturday that remind us to make sure that you check your flashlights and have a portable radio with spare batteries. Keep these items in a strategic location and make sure others in your home know how to find them. While you’re at it, check your smoke alarms, too.