DSC_5551The United States Fire Administration (U.S.F.A) has proclaimed May 3-9, 2015, as Arson Awareness Week. According to the U.S.F.A., nationally, there were about 17,000 intentionally set fires in homes each year during 2010-2012.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department would like our focus locally to be on encouraging the reporting of tips/information and awareness. Our investigators rely on the help of individuals with information and tips leading to the arrest of those responsible for the crime of arson. Awareness is simply being alert to the things happening in your neighborhood. If you happen to have a home that is vacant or up for sale in your neighborhood be alert to any unusual activity around that home.

For the year 2014, members of our Fire Investigation Unit were responsible for 44 arrest. Our Fire Investigation Unit investigated 246 incidents in 2014.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department Fire Investigation Unit investigates the origin, cause and circumstances of fires that are of undetermined or incendiary in nature.