DSC_0937A dramatic story that began this past March 11 culminated with a happy ending today.

Our crews met with the folks at Doral Steel and the survivor, Tommy, who experienced cardiac event while at work at Doral Steel.  Tommy was given the opportunity of survival, due in part, to the quick action of the employee members of the “Code Blue” team at Doral Steel.

Toledo Fire & Rescue Engine Company 18 along with Life Squad 3 were dispatched to the Doral Steel Inc. on Coining Drive on the report of an unconscious person. The dispatch came over the radio at 11:29 a.m. with Engine 18 arriving within minutes at 11:34 a.m.

What our crews found upon arrival was a well prepared and orchestrated response by the employees of Doral Steel. Engine 18 was met by employees that directed them to the correct location on the property, then discovered the Doral Steel “Code Blue” team performing C.P.R. with an A.E.D. attached to the patient.

The “Chain of Survival” was begun by the “Code Blue” team at Doral Steel and continued through our crews, then to the hospital during which time the patient regained consciousness.

Kudos to the folks at Doral Steel for their preparation in the event of a medical emergency at their plant, and, to our crews who respond to all medical emergencies in the city of Toledo carrying out the life saving work they perform every day.

We would encourage you to become part of the “Chain of Survival” as well by learning C.P.R., and if you have a business or organization, acquire an A.E.D.

Remember, if you learn C.P.R., you don’t have to wait for help, YOU can be the help!