On Sunday, July 14, 2013 at approximately 8:00 a.m., while most are still in bed, pouring that first cup of coffee, or on the way to church, a dramatic save took place in a most unusual place: the right lane of I-75, southbound.

Pvt. Michael Fuelling was on vacation starting his day entering I-75 southbound at Phillips Ave. when he noticed a car partially in the right lane, with two people waving, attempting to summon help. As other cars passed, Pvt. Fuelling stopped his truck, partially blocking the right lane to block the stopped auto, to see what was happening. He approached the driver of the disabled auto and immediately could see that the driver was experiencing a medical emergency. As he spoke to the driver to find out what was wrong, he began to assess him by taking his pulse. In just a few moments, the patient went unconscious with no pulse and no respirations. Pvt. Fuelling knew that he had to act, and act quickly, to help this patient. 

Pvt. Fuelling, with the help of a bystander, pulled the patient from his car and immediately began C.P.R. And, as the traffic sped by, some honking their horns because of the lane blockage, Pvt. Fuelling continued C.P.R. knowing that help was on the way. After approximately three minutes, Pvt. Fuelling stated that the patient raised one arm, and responded to his question, “are you with me”, by nodding his head. 

Engine 17 and Life Squad 4 arrived on scene and Pvt. Fuelling assisted with transfer of care and information to his fellow firefighters who then transported the patient, now with a pulse and breathing, to the hospital.