IMG_0646This morning, May 2, 2015, at approximately 2:11 a.m., the report of a fire at 253 Willard Street was received by our Fire Communications Bureau. A “regular alarm” compliment was dispatched to this reported fire. Toledo Fire & Rescue Department responding units were Engine companies 13 and 6, engines 7 and 5, Truck 5, Safety Officer 134, Battalion Chief 1 and Life Squad 2. Callers reported that this could be an occupied residence. 

Engine company 13 arrived quickly on scene to discover a home heavily involved with fire. They immediately attacked the fire quickly knocking down the main body of fire which allowed other responding crews to make entry in to the home. Our fire crews entered the home with hoselines to continue the fight and search for any possible victims.

In less than ten minutes, the first victim was located by our firefighters and removed from the home. Medical care was immediately rendered by other firefighters who then transported the victim to the hospital. Within minutes, a second victim was located and removed with life saving efforts initiated at the scene by our firefighters. The second victim was also transported to the hospital.

Additional engines were requested along with two additional life squads. This addition request for help brought Engines 9 and 17, and Life Squads 1 and 4. 

Toledo Fire & Rescue Department investigators along with investigators from the office of the State Fire Marshal remained on scene through the morning.