DSC_8430A small fire caused damage to part of the historic Fire Station 3, which is currently being renovated.
No one was injured.
Around noon workers at the site said they were soldering a copper trim piece on the station’s hose tower when heat from work contacted wood behind the metal. A worker used a fire extinguisher while other members of the crew called 9-1-1.
Light smoke drifted out of the tower as the first Toledo Fire & Rescue Department crews arrived.
Using a saw to cut apart the overhang, they quickly gained access to the flames and used a hose line to put the fire out.
The hose tower is an architectural feature that was used to dry hose before synthetic materials were developed, replacing cotton-covered hose. Firefighters hung the hose from the top, allowing it to air dry. This tower at Fire Station 3 is being used as a mechanical room as part of the renovation.
The station was originally built in 1927.
Damage is estimated at $6,000. The fire is not expected to cause any major delay in the station’s renovation.