DSC_6068Today at 9 a.m., the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department added to its roster with the swearing in of 27 new fire recruits.

Thanks to research done by retired Toledo Firefighter and Toledo Fire Museum Historian, Tim Boaden, this new fire class will be identified as “Fire Class 290”. Tim’s tireless effort to track fire classes back as far as the 1860’s allowed us to estimate this number historically. Accordingly, our department will recognize Fire Class 290 and subsequent fire classes with a numbering system.

Following the ceremony the recruits will begin thirteen weeks of fire training followed by nine weeks of training to become Emergency Medical Technicians.

Upon graduation, the recruits will be certified as State of Ohio Firefighter II and certified as Emergency Medical Technician-Basic through the State of Ohio/National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

With the swearing in of Fire Class 290, our department roster will be at 537 members.