Two off-duty Toledo firefighters, one enjoying the University of Michigan football game with his son, the other, working at the stadium of the team he loves, teamed up to save the life of another football fan.

Lt. Kevin Gordon, who works in guest services during the Michigan football games, was chatting with Lt. Craig Ellis and his son, when their attention was drawn to some type of medical emergency.  Lt. Gordon, closely followed by Lt. Ellis, discovered a patron facedown.

When they rolled the patient to his back, Lt. Gordon saw that he was not breathing. As Lt. Gordon turned to tell Lt. Ellis that the patient was not breathing, he saw Lt. Ellis already beginning chest compressions as he determined that there was no pulse. The two worked in tandem, Gordon breathing for the patient, Ellis performing CPR. At some point a mask was delivered to Lt. Gordon, as Huron Valley Ambulance arrived on scene. The two Toledo Firefighters gave the arriving crew a quick assessment of the situation and they continued to work with and assist the arriving crew, delivering a “shock” via the A.E.D. At one point Lt. Gordon noticed signs of breathing starting to occur, and a faint pulse returned. The two assisted the ambulance crew until more help arrived.

Great story!!! Doesn’t end there.

At this point Lt. Ellis returned to the game with his son. As Lt. Gordon returned to his duties, he heard over his radio of a medical emergency in the press box. He made his way to the third floor to find a game statistician unconscious and in cardiac arrest. Lt. Gordon began C.P.R. while one of the Huron Valley paramedics secured the airway, the other began to set up an A.E.D. Lt. Gordon assisted with this patient as well, ensuring care to another Huron Valley Ambulance for transport. 

Last word was both patients are doing well and recovering from their ordeal.

It is often said that a firefighter is never off duty, and on this November Football Saturday, that adage held true. Toledo Fire & Rescue is proud of the life-saving work these firefighters were able to accomplish and want to recognize them for their efforts