At approximately 1:12 p.m. today a “regular alarm” consisting of Engine Companies 3, 13,7, Squad 7, Truck 5, Battalion 1, and Life Squad 1 responded to the report of a structure fire, that while en route, turned into a house explosion. When the first crews arrived the house was just about leveled with a debris pattern extending out the front and the back of the house twenty-five to thirty-five feet.

Occupied homes on either side showed shrapnel damage and broken windows from the explosion. 

Initial reports were that the home was vacant, but witnesses on scene stated that there was people in the house. Crews were able to look through windows and large holes in the structure for a quick look to see if any one was visible, with nothing seen. Heavy equipment is on scene now to pull the house apart in an effort to search for any possible victims.

Initially there was no fire, but, after on scene time passed, smoke could be seen rising from the collapsed structure. Two of the engine companies on scene stretched attack lines to monitor the situation.

Utility companies along with building inspectors were on scene to assist Toledo Fire & Rescue with processing the scene.