Toledo Fire & Rescue Department recently placed into service brand new self-contained breathing apparatuses, or S.C.B.A.’s. This purchase was made possible by a 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  This grant covered 80% of the $1,244,720 cost of the new units, with the balance being paid by the  CIty of Toledo at just over $244,000. The new S.C.B.A.’s were purchased from Mine Safety Appliance, or M.S.A. 

These new S.C.B.A.’s replace units that were well worn and have see almost sixteen years of service. The new S.C.B.A.’s have newer technology and features not found on the older units.

Some of the features of the new S.C.B.A.’s include:

-Better weight distribution through  a swiveling lumbar support pad

-“Heads Up Display” in face piece that employs L.E.D.’s to allow the firefighter to monitor the air supply in zero visibility environments without attempting to read the analog gauge 

-Accountability Base Station that permits the incident commander to monitor the air supply and/or P.A.S.S. alarms of all firefighters at an incident