TGS_2090This morning, at approximately 5 a.m., an assailant entered the back of  T.F.R.D ambulance, Medic 23, as it was backing into quarters. The assailant charged toward the firefighters in the crew cab who were able to exit the vehicle. As the assailant chased one of the firefighters while the other firefighter ran into the station to alert his crew members. The firefighter that was being chased was able to elude the assailant, who then went and hid in the bushes of a nearby business.

As the crew gathered on the approach, the Captain called for Toledo Police to respond. It was then that the Captain ordered his crew inside the station and was attempting to secure the station when the assailant charged at them through the overhead door as it was closing.

Our firefighters were forced by the actions of this suspect to defend themselves. The firefighters were able to subdue the suspect. The suspect then began to forcefully swing at our firefighters and continued to do so after the arrival of Toledo Police.

At some point it became necessary for Toledo Police to deploy a Tazer in an effort to subdue the suspect. It was at this time during the struggle with the suspect that one of our firefighters, who was assisting in subduing the suspect, was inadvertently struck by one of the probes from the Tazer. Our firefighter did receive energy from the Tazer and subsequently was transported to the hospital for treatment and evaluation. The firefighter has since been release from the hospital

In the end, our firefighters ended up treating and rendering care to the same individual that attempted to assault them. The suspect was transported to the hospital where is currently remains.