ColtonFor the second time in as many days, Toledo Firefighters made another rescue during a residential fire.

Early this morning at 5:53 a.m. the crew from Engine 9 “C” platoon rescued a woman from a second floor window of her home in what could be described as challenging conditions.

Crews arrived on scene to find a house fire with heavy smoke conditions and one occupant outside stating that his mother was still inside on the second floor. With Engine 5 assigned interior attack and Truck 5 assigned interior rescue, Engine 9, coordinating with the Safety Officer, went to the rear of the structure with an extension ladder after a female victim was found at the second floor window.

Their rescue effort was made more difficult due to the close proximity of a pool and ice covered deck at the back of the house. The ladder had to be placed on the deck, which is less than ideal but, the only option. The victim was quickly and efficiently rescue from the window without further incident. Both occupants were transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Good job to Safety Officer 134, Engine 9 on coordinating the rescue of the occupant

Congratulations once again to our all of our crews for making a difference.