3299In recent surveys in Firehouse Magazine, the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department placed among the busiest departments and apparatus in the country.

In the July 2015 issue of Firehouse magazine, the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department was in 51st place in total calls of fire departments in the country with 55,422 calls. Of those total calls, 6,713 were fire incidents, 48,709 were E.M.S. incidents and 2,606 were false alarms. These calls created over 116,000 total apparatus responses in 2014.

The August 2015 issue shows Rescue Squad 7, with 4,541 calls, as the second busiest in the country.

Other survey data shows T.F.R.D. station 6 as the 34th busiest station in the country with 10,876 calls, Engine 17 the 44th busiest engine with 4,082 calls, Truck 17 the 140th busiest ladder truck with 1,256 calls, Medic 23 the 36th busiest ambulance with 4,204 calls and Battalion Chief 1 the 122nd busiest Chief with 770 calls.

The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department protects over 86 square miles with a daily line strength of 107 firefighter/E.M.T.’s, (both E.M.T.-Basic and E.M.T.-Paramedic).