Fire Chief Luis Santiago is proud to announce that the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department has recently been awarded a Class 1 rating by the Insurance Service Office (ISO).

The Insurance Services Office (ISO), which provides the insurance industry with casualty and property risk analysis, recently completed their evaluation of our Department in late 2016. Their findings resulted in an improvement from our previous ISO Class 3 rating to a distinguished ISO Class 1 rating; this is the highest fire insurance rating possible. Only 241 out of over 48,000 communities nationwide have earned the ISO Class 1 rating. In Ohio, only three fire departments share this honor.

Our Department is one of only 45 fire departments across the country who have achieved the distinction of both accreditation and the ISO Class 1 rating. The Toledo Fire & Rescue Department is the only fire department in the State of Ohio that has been awarded both.

The in-depth evaluation and analysis performed by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) of our Department included:

  • Overall fire department operations (rigs & equipment – including maintenance, staffing, training, operational considerations, geographic location of fire companies, emergency response times, fire prevention, and public education)
  • Emergency communications (fire alarm and dispatching)
  • Water Supply (inspection and flow-testing of hydrants and alternate water supply considerations)
  • Needed fire flows (amount of water necessary for fire suppression)

This significant achievement for our Department and the City of Toledo is the direct result of the hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. Their commitment and dedication to the citizens and visitors of our great city is surpassed by none.