TGS_1393On August 27, 2013, Toledo Fire & Rescue Department held the Award Ceremony for actions in 2012.

Over 40 firefighters and 4 civilians received awards for their service to the community. The youngest being Jayden Wing, who at the age of 3, called 9-1-1 to help his mother who was experiencing health complications. Other civilians honored included TIna Vanleuven, Paul Conrad, and Brendan Furry.

Among the firefighters, Lt. Pat Lanahan found and rescued a fire victim, bringing him outside and immediately began life support for this victim. His crew, Engine 17, said Lt. Lanahan was the reason this individual survived the event.

Capt. Camerato, Private Robert Thomas, Private Jared Davis, Private Rachel Doran, Private Chris Mrkva, Private Jason Hart, and Private Claudia Rodriguez, were dispatched to an motor vehicle accident/pedestrian accident and found a patient trapped and lifeless under a vehicle. This crew, with the help of Toledo Police officers lifted the vehicle off the patient while one firefighter pulled the victim from under the auto. The patient immediately regained vital signs and was given a chance at survival because of the quick actions of this crew.

Engine 6 and Life Squad 2 were dispatched to a structure fire as part of a “regular alarm” on Dover St. It was also reported that there was people trapped in the residence. Lt. Ron Murd, the first fire officer on scene, arrived to find advanced fire conditions, and was advised by a young boy that his father, mother, sister were still in the house. Initial entry was made and the mother and father were found and rescued. A second entry was made in which the young girl was found and rescued. All this time, these rescues were made with limited manpower as other crews had not yet arrived to  assist. Unfortunately, the young girl did not survive her injuries, the mother and father both made complete recoveries.

Engine 5, Truck 5, and Life Squad 1 were dispatched to an “unconscious person”, only to arrive on scene and find a mother awaiting them on the front porch with two children in cardiac arrest, and an active bedroom fire. They immediately began to render medical care to the injured children and mother, as well as attack the fire to stop its spread.