DSC_4383A large box showed up at headquarters in the days following the tragic loss of our two brothers, Jamie Dickman and Steve Machcinski. Inside was a “Happy Bucket”, or the “Traveling 9-1-1 Dispatch Box”.

Inside was a collection of items sent to our fire dispatchers from those in Prescott, AZ., site of the fire that claimed 19 Hotshot firefighters. These items were to lift the spirits of our dispatchers and bring a smile to their faces. Such things as juice boxes, word search puzzles, foam stress balls, and many other trinkets were found inside the box. This box has origins in Santa Cruz, California where two polices officers were lost, then to Waco, Texas where 12 firefighters and E.M.T.’s were lost, then to Prescott, finally arriving here in Toledo. This box will remain here until the next tragedy, when at that time our dispatchers will add items in the hopes to pass on to fellow dispatchers wherever that location may be.

What a kind act to show to our dispatchers, those members of our department that may be easy to overlook, as most of us only hear their voices and rarely see their faces. They are there with our firefighters in all hours of the day and night, that vital link for our crews in the streets. Dispatching extra help, contacting city services, operating with mutual companies when the need arises, and handling all sorts of calls as their duty requires.

Great job Toledo Fire & Rescue dispatchers, you make us proud!