On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 an unveiling was held at Penta County Career Center for the donation of a fire truck from Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. The apparatus is a 1990 Tele Squirt that last saw action as Engine 18, though it has been “retired” for several years.

During the press conference Chief Santiago said “We see it as our obligation to pass on our profession to the next generation, and see this donation as a small part of that obligation”. Also in attendance was Mayor of Toledo, Michael Bell, Ronald Matter, superintendant of Penta, Tom Krisjanis, instructor of Public Safety/E.M.T.-Fire Science, and his junior class of students.

“Having a fire engine as a teaching tool for our students will help take our program to the next level,” say Tom Krisjanis, instructor of Public Safety/E.M.T.-Fire Science. “This will be a tremendous benefit for our students and our program”.