HerzingOn Friday, March 1, 2013, Capt. Dave Rodriguez spoke to approximately 75 high school students during Latino Career Day at Herzing University. During his talk, Capt. Rodriguez spoke of being a firefighter and what it takes to accomplish the goal of joining Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. “I wanted to emphasize the importance of education, staying in school”, according to Rodriguez.

In order to help convey his message, Capt. Rodriguez displayed fire gear such as helmet, coat, pant, and E.M.S. equipment. He also passed out brochures and displayed posters showing Toledo Firefighters at work.

According to Capt. Rodriguez, “I wanted the students to understand not only what it is like to be a firefighter, but also that the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department serves in multiple capacities by performing not only firefighting, but, emergency medical services and the technical rescues services.”

In speaking with Kevin Milliken from Herzing University, he stated that “the talk that Capt. Rodriguez gave was one of the most popular that day”.