plowmanThis morning at 11 a.m., the Toledo Firefighters Museum received at very special donation of fire gear from the family of a firefighter that was at the scene of the Pentagon on 9-11. Henry “Scott” Plowman was serving with the D.C. Fire Department at the time of the attacks and responded to the fire at the Pentagon.

As fate would have it, Pvt. Dennis Kookoothe, our Fire Safety Educator, was giving a fire safety presentation and one of those in attendance was Rhonda Charles, sister of Scott Plowman. Her mother held all of Scott’s fire gear and felt it was time to part with some of the items, and, the Toledo Firefighters Museum seemed like a safe place to display and store these artifacts.

Unfortunately, Scott died in January of 2014 as a result of exposures while battling the fire at the Pentagon.  And, as fate would have it, his name is engraved just above our two fallen brothers, Steve Machcinski and Jamie Dickman who were killed in the Line of Duty on January 26, 2014. The I.A.F.F.  Fallen Firefighters Memorial is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Toledo Firefighters Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon and is open on Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4 p.m.