DSC_9054Your Toledo Firefighters found themselves in a very challenging position last night when they arrived at the scene of what they thought was a single structure fire on Toledo’s east side.

At 3:30 a.m., the first arriving crews found not one, but, three homes burning on the 600 block of Forsythe. The Battalion Chief on scene immediately called for an second Chief as well as additional resources to assist in battling the blazes. The initial alarm was for 652 Forsythe, but, 651 and 649 were also on fire as well.

The incidents were broken down and assigned different radio channels and the fire successfully extinguished due to the tenacious efforts of the firefighters on scene. While there was no civilian injuries, unfortunately, two firefighters had to be transported to S.V.M.C. to be evaluated and treated for possible dehydration and heat exhaustion. As crews worked through the night, a rehab sector with two Life Squads was established to monitor the condition of our firefighters and keep them hydrated.

Things were so busy for a period of time, that mutual aid was requested and received from the Rossford Fire Department, who filled in at station 6 with an engine, and the Sylvania Township Fire Department, who filled in at station 25 with their tower ladder. Thanks to those departments for their assistance.

The fires are now under investigation by our Fire Investigation Unit.  If anyone would have any information, please call crime stoppers, or navigate to: http://www.toledofirerescue.com/contact/report-arson/