Engine company 11 rescued a woman in her 20’s from a fire this morning at 1164 Pinebrook Parkway. When they arrived on scene just before 0430hrs., bystanders reported that a woman and her baby were still in the apartment. The crew from Engine 11 immediately entered the apartment with an attack line and began the search. Once she was located, she was pulled from the structure and placed directly on the cot of an awaiting crew from Life Squad 5. The woman was found to be the only occupant of the apartment as the baby was not in the apartment at the time of the fire.

The woman was transported by Life Squad 5 to the University of Toledo Medical Center where she remains in critical condition.

While the fire was smaller in nature, the smoke conditions were described as “zero visibility” by the first crews in the apartment. The fire appears to have started in the kitchen, on the stove.

Smoke alarms were found in the apartment, but it is unknown if they operated at the time of the fire.