About The Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with the duty and responsibility of enforcing the fire code. The responsibilities of this Bureau include enforcing all provisions of the Ohio Building Code that relates to fire prevention. The Bureau provides services that are aimed at the prevention of loss of life and property. These services include public education, SARA Title 3 Regulations, Public Relations, and Safety Inspections.


Inspection Section

The responsibilities of this Bureau include enforcing the provisions of the Ohio Fire Code and 15 of the Toledo Municipal Code. The inspectors perform 5,500 inspections annually.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Property and Fire reports can be requested using the attached FOIA Request Form. Property reports include Fire Safety Inspection, SERC / TIER II, and BUSTR. Fire reports include Building, Vehicle, HazMat, and Other (non-medical emergency response). You may e-mail, fax or bring this FOIA request form in person to One Government Center to pick up your report. To send an e-mail request, use this link: fpbdocrequest@toledo.oh.gov

Note: An ID is required to get into One Government Center. If planning to pick up report in person, please call ahead.

Fire Investigation Unit

The Fire Investigation Unit is charged with the responsibility to investigate the origin, cause, and circumstances of undetermined, incendiary, suspicious fire, bombings, and bomb threats, along with all fires where serious injury or death related to fire occur, and share in the responsibility of the issuance of permits and safety of pyrotechnic displays, in accordance with the laws of the City of Toledo and the State of Ohio.

To report a suspected arson in Toledo, please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 419-255-1111, or click on this link, “Report Arson“.  rewards are often paid for information leading to the identification and successful prosecution of persons perpetrating the crime of arson. These rewards are paid through the CRIMESTOPPERS Program . Information can lead to rewards of up to $5,000.00.


Plan Review

Before any fire alarm, detection, fire suppressions system, flammable or combustible liquids storage tank is installed, enlarged, or altered in any way, plans and specifications shall be reviewed and approved by the Chief of Fire Prevention. The Plan Review Officer serves as the designated enforcement officer and represents the authority having jurisdiction.

The Plan Review Officer in liaison with the supervision of the City of Toledo’s Building Inspection Engineer examines various construction plans to ensure compliance with the Ohio Building Code, the Ohio Fire Code, the Toledo Fire Prevention Code and NFPA Standards. The various plans that the Plan Review Section reviews includes site plans, plot plans, above-ground storage tank and underground storage tank installations, special use permits (for temporary use not to exceed 90 days), water supply, building construction plans, sprinkler plans and fire alarm plans.

Plans can be submitted to the Plan Review Office between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to the attention of Lynn Thompson, One Stop Permit Shop is located in One Government Center, Suite 1600, Toledo, Ohio 43604, for review purposes. For questions or problems with plan reviews, you may call the Plan Review Office at (419) 245-1263, Fax to (419) 245-1076 or e-mail lynn.thompson@toledo.oh.gov.

A $100 application fee will be assessed for each plan reviewed.

Plan Review for Underground Storage Tanks:

These plans are reviewed by the State of Ohio, State Fire Marshal’s Office. You must contact the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations. They can be contacted by phone (800)686-2878 or by fax (614)752-7952.

Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Introductory Letter

Fire Sprinkler Rough Inspection Checklist

Rough Fire Alarm Inspection Checklist

Fire Sprinkler Final Inspection Checklist

Final Fire Alarm Checklist


Tent Information

Effective 9/24/2015, only Tent Contractors may use our on-line application site.  If you are a facility owner or manager, event coordinator, or other event official you must apply in person at the Department of Building Inspection, located at One Government Center Suite 1600, Toledo, Ohio 43604.

Please be prepared to supply the required documents with your application.  See temporary tents, canopies and other membrane structures checklist for helpful information.

If you have questions or concerns please call the Building Inspection Department at 419-245-1220.

For specfic questions regarding the use of tent structures within the City of Toledo please contact our Fire Prevention office at 419-245-1140.


Public Education

The Public Education Unit informs the public on the importance of fire safety. A total of over 50,000 people are educated on fire safety each year. This number includes Toledo area students from grades 1st through 6th, members of several senior citizen groups, businesses, fire safety in the work place programs, PTAs, mothers clubs, scout groups, and many other organizations. You may contact the department’s Public Educator, Dennis Kookoothe, by calling 419-245-1096 or e-mailing at the link below.


Below are common forms that can assist community groups seeking to promote Fire Safety within their communities.

Application for Free Smoke Alarm

Fire Escape Plan

Smoke Alarm Brochure

Open Burning Policy

Toledo Municipal Code 1301.11 (Smoke Alarm requirements for dwelling units)


Safety Bureau

Our firefighters are the most valuable asset in the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department. Keeping our firefighters safe in the dynamic and ever evolving fire service is accomplished through the development and management of safety training for department personnel.

The Safety Bureau brings over 100 years of combined firefighting experience to help reduce injuries and protect our firefighters through training sessions that focus on high-risk activity. The Staff Safety Officer works closely with our Line Safety Officers developing training programs  for our fire companies based on trends and research in the modern fire service. This information is passed on through daily interaction with our line crews.

The Staff Safety Officer, radio designation Unit 136, working an 8 hour shift develops training programs and carries them out with support from each Line Safety Officer. The Line Safety Officer, radio designation Unit 134, operates out of station #9 and responds to all significant incidents that require a safety sector branch to support our incident  management system. The Line Safety Officers work directly under and support the incident commander with safety and tactical support.

Building Maintenance Bureau

The department has taken the task of maintaining our own buildings by establishing the Building Maintenance in January, 2013. This building maintenance includes 19 fire stations, the Fire Maintenance Shop (apparatus), Headquarters, Training Academy, and building maintenance facility. Two maintenance employees, operating out of our maintenance facility,  have been assigned to the department with the  focus of the maintenance and repair of department facilities.


Department Staff


Deputy Chief James Price was appointed to the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department on September 11, 1992 after completing his Associate Degree in Fire Science at Owens Community College. He received his paramedic certification in 1997 and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1998. He served the department in the Communications Bureau until transferring to Field Operations where he served as a relief officer on “B” Platoon and later as the shift officer at fire station #11 on “A” Platoon.

Deputy Chief Price was promoted to Captain in 2005 and remained in Field Operations as a relief officer on “A” Platoon until 2009 when he accepted an assignment as station commander at fire station 18 on “B” Platoon. While at station 18, he completed the department’s Confined Space Training. In 2007, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Public Safety from Siena Heights University. Also in 2007 he obtained his State Fire Instructor’s certification.

In 2010, Deputy Chief Price was promoted to Battalion Chief and then to Deputy Chief on November 2, 2018. He is a 2015 graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program at The National Fire Academy and he completed his MS in Executive Fire Leadership and Disaster Preparedness from Grand Canyon University in 2017. Chief Price is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau and EMS Bureau.



Captain Robert Walters was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on June 28, 1996. He was promoted to Lieutenant on May 1, 2011. On May 23, 2014 he was promoted to Captain.

Captain Walters has seen assignments at stations 5, 9, and 18.

Captain Walters is a trained Arson Investigator which he earned through the Ohio Fire Academy and also served with the Water Rescue Unit.

Captain Walters has been in his current assignment, Captain of Fire Prevention, since may 16, 2012.

Captain Tom Kalucki was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 22, 1989.  Captain Kalucki was promoted to Lieutenant on July 9, 2010 and then to Captain on June 6, 2015.

Captain Kalucki is assigned to Fire Prevention Bureau, as the Building Maintenance Supervisor.





Lieutenant Robert Solis was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department in 1992. He was promoted to Lieutenant on December 1, 2011.

Lieutenant Solis earned a bachelors degree from the Ohio State University, and a Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University.

He served in the Army National Guard from 1985 until 2007 and obtained the rank of E-7. As an Infantry Platoon Sergeant he served two tours of duty overseas. While serving in Iraq, he was awarded the Bronze Star as well as the Good Conduct Medal.



 Private Dennis Kookoothe was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 11, 1992. He received his E.M.T. – Paramedic Certification on July 28, 1995.

Private Kookoothe took over the reins of our Fireman Freddy Program in April of 2015 and joins a long list of previous firefighters that have served in this important position.



Fire Prevention Bureau

One Government Center, Suite 1710
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 419-245-1140
Fax: 419-245-1076