Fred J. Myers was appointed Fire Chief in 1927, and  under his administration in 1931, Fire Station 21 was built at the corner of South Detroit and Glendale Avenues.

Station 21 has been in service non-stop since opening and has seen various apparatus serve from these quarters.

Today, Engine 21 and Rescue Transport operate out of Station 21.

Captain Michael Mowka

Captain Mowka has been a member of the TFRD since March of 1996. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2006 and was detailed as an Alarm Officer Supervisor and then Lieutenant at 9’s station on A shift. He was promoted to Captain in 2010 and worked as a relief officer on A shift. Captain Mowka served as an instructor in the January 2011, December 2012 and September 2013 Academy Classes.

Captain Mowka’s specialties include: Nationally Registered Paramedic, Hazmat Technician, Confined Space and Trench Rescue, Advanced Auto Extrication, Incident Safety Officer, High Angle Rope Rescue, Structural Collapse Rescue Technician and a State Certified Fire Instructor. Captain Mowka is also a member of the TFRD Medic on Bike program and a member of the Northwest Ohio Region 1 USAR Team. Captain Mowka is a proud member of the TFRD Honor Guard.

Captain Mowka is currently assigned as Station Commander of fire station 21.