Fire Station 12 was originally located at Summit and Cleveland Streets on the Maumee River side of Summit Street. It was constructed in the year 1899 at a cost of approximately $4,000. The building site was acquired for a cost of $1,000. This station was open until December 26, 1967 when it was closed and moved to 3530 Suder Avenue.

Station 12 at 3530 Suder Avenue was built the same time station 23, 11 and station 19 were being constructed between May of 1965 and December 1967. This location of Fire Station 12 was opened until June 19, 1980 when it was closed due to budget constraints.

On March 27, 2015 at 1300 hrs., a “Ribbon Cutting” ceremony was held to open a newly constructed Fire Station 12. This new station was built at 3435 Chase Street and was in service at 1420 hrs. on that day.

With the addition of this new station, our roster of stations increased to 19 fire station serving the city of Toledo.


Station 12

3435 Chase St

Battalion 3