Engine Company 3 began its life sometime in 1852 as “Croton No. 3, named after the Croton Aqueduct in New York State. Eventually No. 3 moved to serve from Monroe Street between Superior & St. Clair, from department records in 1858. Sometime around 1868, No. 3 found her way to 315 Water Street, between Madison & Adams.

In 1885, No. 3 was erected to serve as a Station Headquarters at Jefferson & Ontario Streets. Records show that this station housed a Babcock Aerial Turntable Extension Hook & Ladder, a Seagrave Hook & Ladder, Muskegon Chemical Engine, and a Milburn Hose Wagon.

On May 17, 1913, a gas tractor was attached to an engine stationed at No.3, and was able to reach the speed of 25 m.p.h. This was a tractor made by Knox Tractor Co. of Sprinfield Massachusetts.

In 1918, No. 3 station was rebuilt on the site of the razed former station, which was built in 1885,  at Jefferson & Ontario.

In 1931, No. 3 moved to 20 North Superior on March 3, site of the old jail. The old station at Jefferson & Ontario was abandoned.

In 1953 a new Station 1 was constructed at 545 North Huron Street which brought the closure of Station 2 and Station 3. It was at this time that the original Station 1, at the corner of Bush & Erie Streets was designated as Station 3 which continues to serve the neighborhood  today.




Captain Ronald Ellis

Captain Ellis was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on September 22, 1989. He received his Paramedic certification on June 27, 1987 and has an Associates Degree in Fire Science. Captain Ellis was promoted to Captain on August 18, 2000.