DCIM100GOPROUnder Fire Chief Fred J. Myers, Fire Station 23 was first erected at the corner of Central Avenue and Oatis Street. The year was 1931, and Fire Station 23 was originally know as Fire Station No. 22.

In 1935, firefighters began working the three platoon system, 8 hours a day, 48 hour work week. On June 1, of 1935 Fire Station 23 was closed along with stations 12, 15, and 19. Engine Company 11 running out of Fire Station 3, along with the “Drill Tower”, were disbanded. On November 1, 1936 Fire Station 23 reopened. In 1938, the “Drill Tower” was erected at the rear of Fire Station 23 at Central Avenue and Oatis Street.

On January 25, 1965, Fire Station 23, at Central Avenue and Oatis closed at 0700 hrs., and relocated to the Trilby Volunteer Fire Station at Secor Road, near Alexis Road. This was done through annexation of Washington Township.

On March 11, 1966, Engine Company 23 moved into their new quarters at Laskey and Goodwill at 0700 hrs., and the old volunteer station was closed. On April 1, 1969, a two-man emergency unit was placed into service at Fire Station 23, as well as at Fire Stations 6, 15, 24, and 25.

This station at 2754 Laskey Road was built at a cost of $158,000. It has two bay and is one story. It was one of four identical station built between May of 1965 and December of 1967. The other stations built during this time were 11, 12 and 19. This marked the sixth time in the history of our department that multiple stations were built using the same basic floor plan.

in the fall of 2008, this station received a “make over” as a spin off project during the ABC television show, Extreme Home Makeover, Toledo Project.

Station 23

2743 West Laskey

Battalion 3