The year was 1906, coffee was fifteen cents a pound, William F. Mayo was Fire Chief,  and the City of Toledo constructed Fire Station 16 and the corner of Detroit and Woodland Avenues.

Old photographs show steamers, hose wagons, and chemical wagons operating out of Fire Station 16. On August 1, 1953, Fire Station 16 had a ladder company in quarters that was moved to Fire Station 15, and District Chief 4 moving into Fire Station 16.

Fire Station 16 served from this location until October 9, 1979, when the station was move around the corner to 1301 Dorr Street, where it operates today.

Captain John Schnorberger

Captain John Schnorberger was appointed to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department on March 22, 1996. Captain Schnorberger received his Paramedic certification on March 2, 2000. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2008, and his promotion to Captain came in 2013.

Captain Schnorberger has worked at Engine 6, Engine 7, Life Squad 1, Life Squad 5, Alarm Office, and the Training Academy.