On October 21, 1853, Council approved the purchase of an engine for Germania FIre Company No. 4.  Station 4 first home was constructed on Monroe Street.  In 1866, the last year of volunteer fire service, station 4 served out of the station on St. Clair between Perry and Washington.

In 1893 Station 4 moved to new quarters located on Monroe Street near Bancroft.  By 1896 the apparatus consisted of one Clapp & Jones Engine along with one Combination Hose & Chemical Wagon.

In 1950 Station 4 was rebuilt on the south side of Monroe Street, across from it’s current location.

No. 4 Ladder Company went into service on August 1, 1953.

On July 1, 1971, No. 4 Fire Station move into new quarters at 3940 Hill Avenue.




Station 4

3940 Hill Ave

Battalion 2